Aaaaaaaaaaaa,我要重新输入这些内容,希望通常的长篇大论能解决任何问题。我无法评论过去3周的骑行情况,因为我还没有骑过,很遗憾,可能还要再过3-4周。但是不要担心,ERTC会一直骑到雪飞扬!这周有很多事情要经历,所以让我们开始吧。 Cross中国福利3d如火如荼,因此请务必在星期三的Tuedays和Midweek Cross中国福利3d中参加我们的交叉练习赛!如果您想注册折扣代码,请给我发消息。 ABA现已提供后期赛季Cross Race许可证,价格为75美元。



September 14 (Wednesdays, ongoing) –Midweek CX racing is a great way to try out racing – there are tons of people and you will have people to race with no matter what your fitness level or age is! The age range of participants is 7-77 and there are plenty of ability levels. They take place either at Argyll or Capilano Park, and last no more than 30-45 minutes. There is a very fun, casual atmosphere and the races see in excess of 100 people! More information here: // and registration link here: // please message me if you are taking part in the “Try Racing” program and want a coupon code to register.

September 17 (Saturday) MEC Fall Classic (60/105/160km) – A fall fondo on the roads out in Strathcona county, expect a good turnout from area cyclists for this one! We will be bringing out the tent to this event so wear your colours and be proud! More information here:

9月25日(星期日),罗杰(Roger)的收割骑行(40/60 / 100km)–结束埃德蒙顿(Edmonton)骑行季节的经典方式,通常是埃德蒙顿地区公路的最后一次聚会。这次骑行是为了纪念罗杰(Roger),他于2010年去世,死于黑色素瘤。更多信息和注册在这里: //



没有变化。有些人将参加MEC Fondo,但除此之外。快乐骑!