1. 在本赛季的剩余时间内,我将会员费降低至70美元,因此,如果您有任何好奇的朋友希望加入道路或十字路口,那么可以享受40美元的折扣! 

  2. 我们正计划在9月底举行社交活动,请访问facebook查看有关日期和活动的民意调查。 

  3. 即使路况大部分结束,周六和周四仍将继续运行,直到大雪降临! 所有游乐设施将列在strava上,但随着季节的推移,我们将优先考虑这些游乐设施。


  1. CROSS. IS. HERE!!!! CXurious? Wikipedia is a good start (//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclo-cross) but the essence is: it’s really hard and messy for an hour, but then you get to hang out and socialize and make friends with other racers before and after, and is a great way to end the season! Many of us use it to put a nice cap on our outdoor cycling season as the days get shorter and the weather turns colder. There are many great options for cross training this year and due to life events, Coach Tim (who led our CX training sessions) has decided to take a break from coaching us. If you want to get some CX training in, I’ve listed a few options, all endorsed by ERTC:

    • RubberSide Cycling (Beginner to Advanced, Skills Training) - //www.facebook.com/events/403916500432637/

    • YEGCross - Advanced Intervals (assumes you know basic CX skills and will work on them on your own time) - //www.facebook.com/groups/1635190320143436/

    • CXTravaganza-CX社区日(周末训练营,所有技能水平)- //www.facebook.com/events/1291608371017228/

  2. MEC世纪游: //events.mec.ca/node/248891 

  3. S9月7日-DV100-通常是一年中的最后一场公路赛,这是结束赛事季节的好方法。比赛或骑行,大量赃物,奖品和人物! http://dv100.ca/ ERTC将派出一支完整的比赛团队,以便您看到许多熟悉的面孔!